House Rules

We appreciate that you are on your holidays and we don’t like to come across as being ‘inflexible’ hosts but we do unfortunately have to set the house rules for all our guests to avoid misunderstandings and we do ask you to respect and observe these.

  • No Smoking or Vaping inside the house – Please smoke outside and in the garden removing any cigarette/cigar butts
  • No Parties, No Stag Does, No Hen Nights!
  • No Loud sounds after 10 pm – We do have neighbours and we don’t want any complaints.
  • EV Charging is allowed using the dedicated EV Charge point outside, it is not allowed to charge your EV from a 13A plug. Please see the EV Charger section later in this guide.
  • Maximum occupancy is 8, we appreciate that you might receive some visiting guests and that is of course permitted, however, we do expect that to be within reason
  • On check-out, all rubbish should be removed and placed in the bins outside
  • Dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery is to be placed in the dishwasher and the dishwasher to be run prior to departure
  • Bed linen can be left on the beds, wet towels are to be placed in the bathtub
  • No dogs or cats on/in the beds

NOTE: Breaking of the house rules can result in additional charges such as a £250 cleaning charge for smoking/vaping or £75 for leaving rubbish and dirty dishes.

We appreciate we charge a cleaning fee but this is to cover the cleaning of the property, wash the towels and bed linen but is not for cleaning up after guests.